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From the factory establishment to the quality control system. The story of a family and the passion for coffee.
Since 1963 when Giuseppe Bruno, driven by a great family passion for coffee, inaugurated the first if his factories, he has based his future development on a high level quality product along with a direct customer care, always ready to fulfil any requirements, no matter if they should concern small bars and big distribution.

In 1981 Giuseppe Bruno starts the Brunocaffè srl, a company that in few years has gained a considerable reputation in national and international markets thanks to the perfect integration between tradition and modern technology.

The story goes on in 2001 with the opening of a new manufacturing plant located in Modugno. This factory has been planned and equipped with a full controlled high technology production cycle in observance of the highest quality and safety standards.
Brunocaffè has always worked on connecting technologic innovation to continuous development in terms of company managing strategies. Its development is based upon an accurate company policy and a “mission” revolving around some basic principles:

This process, started at the beginning of this story is still going on with a constant success that includes the adoption of an Integrated Management and Quality System respecting the international ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 standards. An excellent proof of our high level quality philosophy comes from the increasing success of the single-dose coffee wafer, a vending sector oriented product where a top level product meets a well organized pre and post sale service.

Brunocaffè is the story of a businessman who turned a dream into a real successful enterprise, instilling his own passion for good coffee to his family and his team. A growing passion that year after year turned a family concern into a modern firm, able to be competitive even in an international context. The passion for quality, a precious professional know-how, a unique heritage makes of Brunocaffè a brand esteemed from our exacting customers.