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The different coffee varieties, once stocked in a multi-compartment silo are first automatically selected in a given proportion then cleaned with air before the roasting process. The coffee beans are streamed with hot air inside steel tanks where they increase their volume, loose some weight and a part of caffeine. Any single Brunocaffè product needs a given roasting curve, so the total control of temperature during the roasting phase is essential to guarantee the highest standard of the end product. A modern computerized system constantly monitors the entire process.

Modern equipment to assure an hygienic top level product.

When the coffee is perfectly roasted it is conveyed with pneumatic vacuum devices to the packaging phase, so to ensure the perfect integrity of the beans. In order to avoid any abnormal accumulation of vegetable fats and a subsequent contamination which may modify the coffee taste, all the machinery components are made with stainless steel. The “roasted” can be now milled and kept in vacuum packaging to maintain intact the coffee fragrance. The coffee beans packaging is provided with a special valve to let the gas out.