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Biodegradable Cups & Lids


Around 58 billion disposable coffee cups are used worldwide every year, with 2.5 billion of these being disposed of in the UK alone. This amount of waste wouldn’t be too much of an issue if all of these disposable coffee cups were being fully recycled – but currently less than 0.25% are. To compare, 50% of aluminum cans and 57% of plastic bottles are recycled respectively.

The Solution

In order to reduce the UK’s disposable coffee cup waste, steps must be taken to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups that are being used which cannot be fully recycled or composted.

The use of fully biodegradable disposable coffee cups is proving to be an effective way of reducing the amount of disposable coffee cup waste in landfill. Biodegradable disposable coffee cups can quickly break down on their own into natural materials, without harming the environment. This means that even if they are not recycled, or composted with general food waste, then there is still the assurance that they will quickly breakdown in landfill waste.

Biodegradable disposable coffee cups are becoming more available and many large coffee chains are beginning to choose them over regular disposable coffee cups. It is hoped that with a better alternative readily available and coffee drinkers supporting the efforts to move away from standard non-recyclable and non-biodegradable disposable coffee cups, the sheer amount of disposable coffee cups residing in landfill will reduce.